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Looking for good laptop with 17in screen.Or somebody to repair the Hp laptop I have now.
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i can repair laptops, desktops, or anything that uses electricity :D

i've got a dell inspiron 5160 with 15" active matrix screen (best quality at the time i bought it) that does 1400x1050 native resolution. not quite the 17" widescreen it sounds like you're looking for, but my experience with those on a laptop somewhat makes the point of the laptop feel defeated.

reason being; the case is so large to accompany the screen, that it feels like youre pulling out a chalkboard whenever you want to use it.

call me if you're still interested.. in the laptop, or having me repair your HP.

714 369 0375
Problem with the HP is where the power cord plugs in.It was fixed by HP once already and then it broke again,in the same spot.I took it apart and re soldered the power pin back to the circuit board.When the chord is plugged in it has too much leverage on the pin and loosens it up.

Think you can fix it?

How much for your laptop?
if you've already desoldered, and resoldered the ac adapter to the motherboard, it might just have a dry-socket where you need to solder it once more. did you use anything like resin to make it suck into the joint?

that sounded weird, but i don't exactly know the technical term for it..

probably looking to get $600 for my laptop. it's a p4 3.2Ghz with 1GB of ram, and FX5600 go video card. i ran World of Warcraft and Everquest in raid environments on it pretty smoothly with only 64MB video ram, so it's certainly an underrated combo with it boasting a 333Mhz front side system bus.

60 or 80GB ata100 hard drive, i don't recall at this very moment, and built-in wifi, new battery (OEM) as well as new AC adapter and laptop bag.

lemme know
How much to fix mine? If I drop it off at your place,can I pick it back up that afternoon? I'll just head over to long's house and have him wash my car while I wait..... :D
Well the HP finally died.No power what so ever.Question now is,how do I get all the pics off the hard drive,seeing how the thing wont even power up?

Should I replace the mother board on this HP or just shiat can it and start new?Looks like its a common problem with this model ZD7000.
hey, sorry i didn't get back to you sooner. you can pull the hard drive out of the laptop, and install it into a USB hard drive caddy to pull all the data off, and use it as an external storage device down the road - all for about $35.

another cheap solution; there's a 2.5" HDD to 3.5" HDD convertor you can pick up for about $5, and slave it into a desktop computer to copy stuff from drive to drive.

i might be able to take a look at the laptop for you sometime this week, but i'm ridiculously slammed with work, and the suspension i'm doing so i'll have to drop in when i've got time.
Proven Guilty said:
another cheap solution; there's a 2.5" HDD to 3.5" HDD convertor you can pick up for about $5, and slave it into a desktop computer to copy stuff from drive to drive.
I ended up buying a small converter that runs through the usb port.Havent downloaded the data yet but looks like it will work out ok.

I took the laptop apart and themother board is either completely dea or the ac terminal is done for good.Either way I did some researching and it is a very common problem with the HP ZD7000,so off to the trash can it goes.2k down the drain!
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