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Leaving for Brazil on Monday - In your face, myMBONLINErs

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My friend of 20 years is getting married to a Brazilian woman next weekend in Rio de Janeiro . He's the last of 'The Boys' to fall so I couldn't miss it. My wife gave the green light to head down there without her and I'll be gone until the end of this month.

Here's where I'll be staying for the first couple days down there. It's in a suburb call Barra (pronounced like Baja) and it supposed to be quite the party town.

It's a modest place but trying to pick accommodations for lots of different people is tough, but I'll survive.

After the wedding I'm leaving for a place called Paraty (pronounced Parachee) for a few days. Supposed to be a pretty nice resort town and I'll be staying at this place:

Apparently, once you goto Brazil, you have no choice but to marry a native. 3 of my best friends all married Brazilian women. They went down on vacation a couple times without me, and every one of them came back in love. Luckily I'm already married and won't have to worry about that. But the wife has already ok'd me bringing back a nice little 20 something year old hottie. Her words were "If you bring her back with you, she better be hot"

adeus para dois semana, myMBOnline
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Better post up some Brazilian booty when you get back!
SDSilverM3 said:
Better post up some Brazilian booty when you get back!
Hahahaa... Nice! Love those Brazillian booties. :thumbup:
Post pics when you come back! but more importantly have fun! :D
Wow...brazil...always wanted to go there...have a fun and safe trip!!!


Pics or :ban: :D
Bring back pics!

We'll take care of your wife here :thumbup:
Roupin said:
Bring back pics!

We'll take care of your wife here :thumbup:
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
Roupin said:
Bring back pics!

We'll take care of your wife here :thumbup:
:rofl: :thumbup:

have fun, be safe (rubbers are your friend)
jangy said:
Pics of your wife, or ban!!
Waitaminute, she's the one who asked him not to flush. They have some kind of pissing fetish I think. :dunno:

He did state that he walked in on her taking a shower, go getting pics might not be so hard. :thumbup:

(Jangy, don't sweat over her pics. Just don't leak the info to him that she's coming to SoCal when he's gone) :rofl: :rofl: :boobies:
Did he say peeing fetish?!?!!? :rofl:

Don't worry, I'm gonna take a bazillion pictures when I'm down there. Hopefully, I can talk some brazilian hoochies into posing for me. Gonna be tough though because I speak exactly ZERO Portuegese. But I've got cash, and everybody speaks that! :D

Can't wait....should be a blast
LOL!!! Have fun Benzo!!

For the rest of us perverts, he was already dumb enough to post pics of his wife (just so you know who to pick up at the airport) on MBuniverse.

Hahah!!! Remember the haloween pirate?
Have a safe (sex) trip and have fun :thumbup: :wave:
Checking in from Brasil!!!

Right now I'm stealing somebody's wireless from my hotel in Barra, Rio de Janiero. This guy must have wireless hooked up to 56K so I don't have any way of posting pics yet. The trip has been somewhat calm to this point with no orgies, trannies, or zipper mouthed leather masks. But man is this place beautiful. And the women.....oh man.....the women. Even the ugly ones are hot, somehow. Interesting story though. Today I went on a 7 hour excursion through the jungle, and up to Monte Christo. We did some hiking through the jungle and came upon a moutaintop waterfall with a lagoon at the bottom. We get down to the lagoon and there are 4 barely dressed 20 something girls frolicking in the lagoon at the base of the waterfall. That's right, I said frolicking! It was something out of a bad porno movie. I asked the tour guide to ask the girls if they minded if I got in with them and snap some photos but they said they were too shy for the camera but I could still get in with them if I wanted. So of course, I did!!! Tough to flirt when you don't speak the same language but it was fun anyway. I quickly snapped some pictures of them when they weren't looking and I'll post them when I get back. OH, and right before we were leaving, 2 more chicks in bikinis showed up. They sat down, rolled a joint and hopped into the waterfall. Crazy! I couldn't make this shit up. It's probably hard to believe but I've got pics to prove it. I'll be posting them when I get back.

That's it for now guys. I'm off to the rehearsal dinner then out to a hip nightclub named NUTH, pronounced Noochay. Can't wait....

One more interesting note before I sign off. The woman that my friend is marrying has personal security with her alot of the time. Her father is retired from the Brazililan gov't and there is always the threat of kidnapping. Anywho, he picked us up from the airport. We were in the baggage claim area and he raised his arms way up in the air to strech revealing just a bit of his belly and beltline. What did I see? Mr. Smith and Wesson 9mm. At that point I knew I wasn't in Kansas anymore, Toto.

Tudo Bem, MyMBO
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If you lose your camera on the way back here, I will castrate you personally.

Go get laid! Your wife isn't with you....eye candy isn't enough!
Wow...I should went to Brazil for one of my bachelor parties. The women are beautiful down there but don't bring back this thing we call STD's. I heard it's not a good thing...hahaha
LOL!!! Now, that is what I love about Benz-O-Rama!! I can vouch for his stories. The cat loves to live life..
Alright, you fuckheads...

Just a quick taste of the frolicking girls I mentioned plus some scenery views. This place in UNBELIEVABLE! If you're a single man, book your ticket now. If you're married, never, EVER, EVER, EVER come here. The girls outnumber the guys at least 5/1 and there's not an ugly one in the bunch. Eesh! I need somebody who's been here to back me up on sounds totally made up but trust me people...the women here are absolutely stunning. At least 80% of them, anyway.

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