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Ling just got jacked!

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Thanks for the avatar kid! :rofl:
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Jack move at its best. :D
Its the thought that counts.
The amg emblem
Im all ove this place tonght! Drink'n and typ'n....yeeeeeeooooooo
ahhhh crap..throw this "R" and "I" in the words above for me...would ya. :rofl:

Thats done drink'n till i get back in here..uhhh later on. :drool:
:bump: Oldest thread in y-diner! (i think)
chutoyy said:
:bump: Oldest thread in y-diner! (i think)
Not anymore hahahahaha

This one is:
Damn this thread is old. Jrocket has been MIA for a while now.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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