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Mercedes Racing Cars Picture Thread

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I love MB racing photos....

I gotta pull some out from my computer files.
Plus, I stage my 1/18 scale MB races in my garage every once in a while, so I'll post those pics later on.

[email protected]
ShelleE55 said:
Pix of my Team Vodafone AMG RC Car :drive:
Shelle that RC is awesome !!

I gotta get one (different livery) so we can race !!! :drive:
this is one of my favorite old-school DTM photos...
1992-93 EVO II DTM racing:


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EVO II races in my garage floor

so here's my re-creation of those classic EVO II races...

#4 Schneider
#3 Ludwig
#5 Lohr
#17 Manthey
#300 Richter
#27 Saley


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1 - 4 of 17 Posts
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