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My 07 E350

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Many thanks to Roupin for helping out with the deal, here's what I picked it up from Vadim over the weekend. Thanks to Vadim for putting the final numbers together. :drive:


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congrats either way!!!

another mb to mod right ;) :D
Sweet car Jeff! Glad to be of help :)

Is that black or ash interior?
Roupin said:
Sweet car Jeff! Glad to be of help :)

Is that black or ash interior?
Thank you guys... I really missed the white color since about 2 yrs ago I converted to dark color car. It's Ash interior w/black wood.
Looks great, congrats :)

So now you have an E55 and an E350?

Nice!! :thumbup:
Nice Jeff. :thumbup:

I can already picture mods on it. :drive:
wasabi said:
What is your car lowered on?
My car is lowered on Photoshop :rofl:

Dut photoshopped my sig pic and it stuck ever since. My car is at the stock ride height, but I keep thinking back and forth about H&R springs. I'm confused :dunno:
Or you could get KW Variant 2's. :D

BTW, V2's are the only thing available for your car (from KW). We checked today at Group5.
I'm not too hot about slamming the car, simply bacause the oem wheels will make it look like crap. I hate the american car look, where there's an inch of vertical clearance between the face of the wheel and the edge of the fender. That's the main reason I'm shying away from a drop right now :dunno:
I thought the H&R chop I did made your car look good. It wasn't too extreme and the wheels looked fine.
It'll look great from the side, but my wheels don't push all the way out to the fenders, so I'll have about an inch of gap between the top of the face of the wheel and the fender. I'm not so sure I like that :wall:
That's why they invented spacers.
Are there any problems with spacers and running hard? Keep in mind I throw this car around like a freak.
I run 5mm spacers on my front. Never taken them off and they've been on the car for almost 14 months. Haven't fallen off yet. :D
Springs first I hope. :D
1 - 20 of 77 Posts
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