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NASA SoCal Time Trials at Buttonwillow (results)

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Well our biggest competetor this weekend was the weather. It rained off and on for both days of the event and our car isnt setup to run in the rain so it was a bit of a challenge. I know what your thinking, but its an Evo, why wouldnt it be good in the rain, well the answer is that we dont have ABS which is already a disadvantage and even more so in the rain. To add to the problems we didnt have any front aero piece, we normally have a front lip but we are prototyping a new front splitter and due to some recent adjustments it didnt make it back onto the car before the race.

So Saturday we ran Hoosiers in 4 sessions to come within .2 seconds of the leader but we just didnt have enough to take first. We placed second overall and second in class. The car we lost to being a Lotus series 7. We normally beat him without too much effort but he is so consistent that when ever we run into something unusual like rain its usually enough for him to squeak by.

On Sunday it was pouring when we first woke up so instead of wasting tires and fuel on a pointless session we decided to take the E55 out on the track to at least get a time posted. We used the E55 for the first 2 sessions until the weather started to clear up. Because of loosing Sat we decided to pull out the big guns, the Le Mans slicks but we had some problems with them and had to switch back to the Hoosiers for the last session. Unfortunately we didnt have the time to run practice laps so for the last session the car wasnt set up right and again we took second to the Lotus series 7.

All in all it was a good weekend and we got some good kinks ironed out so we are happy. I have a couple pics and some in car video I will be posting hopefully later tonight.
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Good stuff! Looking forward to watching the vid :)
Here are some videos of the E55 in the rain

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That was awesome :bow: but next time remember the :nitrous: :clap:
saw you guys there. i ran my civic in the hpde class. i think you guys even passed me up when i let my buddy drive my car in group 4(i was passenger) and time trial guys were running. that is one pretty fast car....
Awwwww hell!! I want in!! Sniff sniff....anyone down for Palomar this weekend?
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