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Need Help Playing a CD-R on My DVD Player

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I bought a stupid Sony DVD player last year with progressive scan and all that crap, and it's the most temperamental POS I've seen so far. I just burned a Top Gear show on a CD-R and am trying to get it to play, and all I get is a DATA ERROR.

Any ideas what I can do about it? I burned the movie in an AVI format.
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Can it read AVI files?

Sony's are known to be "anti-burn" units. Meaning most things you burn probably won't work.
I knew it was a pile of crap. The cheap shit $30 players have more capabilities. Time to pull out the PS2 :thumbup:
Oh shit, I just remembered the PS2 is a Sony as well. I wonder if that pile plays burned discs :wall:
Hahah good luck with the PS2. Get a $30 Apex. They play everything. :thumbup:
Damn Sony. I never found the crack online either.

Time for the el-cheapo DVD player. :thumbup:
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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