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Vehicle: 2001 Mercedes SLK320 - only 35k miles - No recent work performed or accidents.

Car shut off at 65 mph the freeway without warning (hot day in CA) and had to be towed home.

Car will not start up/crank (as if there is no starter in the car).
The next day, it did start up 2 times, but then shut down again without warning after a couple minutes, and will not start again.
"BAS ESP" light remains on (when ignition is on)(never did this before this problem).
When the ignition is turned on, the front electric cooling fans spin a full/high speed (on a cold vehicle)(never did this before this problem).

Tests already performed:
Battery voltage & load tested, charged, & re-tested, all OK.
Attempted OBD scan with Snap-on Solis Edge EESC320. Connection light green for active coupling, but could not read codes from ECU.
Spare key tested in car in case chip in main key was bad (same results).
Inspection for any water/moisture inside vehicle and in engine compartment (none found).
Main ECU removed, disassembled, and inspected for burn or corrosion (no visual problems found).
Crankshaft position sensor removed, cleaned & inspected (no visual problems found).
Removed & tested K40 relay block (5 relays next to ECU), tested contacts & 12v pull = OK

I really can't afford to take it to the dealer and get raped, and I do have automotive experience, although not much with computerized systems.
It really feels like the ECU just went nuts, but with the fans ON when cold, I wonder if there could be a thermal sensor or "Electronic Stability Program" sensor causing my problems?
I gladly welcome any suggestions & advice other then to just randomly replacing parts to see if it helps.
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