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Roupin said:
I had posted this on the other board, but the non-AMG 211 section there is a bit more of a "mature" crowd, who don't experiment with their cars.

I resetted my ecu just for the hell of it, although it didn't make a difference since I drive like hell all the time anyway. After the reset though, the ESP has been freaking out all the time, more than it should. For example, from a 2nd gear 40mph punch, ESP blinks all through 2nd gear until I hit 3rd. Keep in mind that this car can't peel out at 40mph anyway. The stupid triangle just blinks and bogs the engine.

My tires were inflated to 40psi for some reason, and today I got it down to the manufacturer recommended pressures (29 and 35 for over 100mph ;) ). The tires have a better traction now obviously, but ESP is still being a bitch though.

Any ideas?
Hey Roupin,

I know on my car after an ecu reset, I also had to synchronize the ABS and ESP along with the windows and sunroof. Not sure what the procedure for your car would be but you might find it in the manual.
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