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Need Some Help Putting My System Together

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I thought long and hard, and really miss having more definition in my music. The thing is, I don't want to sacrifice much performance (weight) for it though. So I decided to just pull one of my 12's from my other car and pop that in the MB.

Now, my only issue. The install on the Buick was a crappy job (I didn't know anything when I got it about 2 years ago), and I don't want a trial-and-error with the MB either.

Here is what I have so far:

-Concept CPT-12 Subwoofer

-Hifonics Brutus Mono Amp

I also have a 1.0 farad digital cap, but am not sure if I want to use the digital one.

Now what amp wiring kit do you guys recommend? Which hi-lo converter? What other parts do I need? Where would I get the signal...just tap into one of the rear speaker signals?

Any ideas? Experience? Opinions?
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what sound system you running in your MB right now? stock? my stock sound system in my S320 out does most my friend's aftermarket systems sadly enough. But weirdly enough, the sound in my CLK55 doesnt quite match up in comparison to the S600 or S320 either...maybe they dont make them like they used to?

i have no answers for you regarding your issue the guy that pays others to figure it out because im an idiot in that department..... i had to hire people to set up the home sound system. lol.
The rest of the system is stock, and I'll be leaving it that way. It's clean and sharp, but it just doesn't handle any bass too well. It sounds fine stock for most people, but sounds very flat when comparing to my other car.
my teeth shake when i turn the bass low..i dont know what ur used to but when i can feel the music in my liver i know i dont need to go aftermarket for sound. lol.
My car's factory sub doesn't make that much bass. I hear it, I see a tingle in the rearview mirror, but that's about it. At higher volume it sounds shallow too.
i think he has harmon kardon. i have bose in my s320 and s600 for sure..i want to say bose on my clk55 but i could be wrong.
Yeah harmon kardon is g-hey. sorry. lol i just hate them.
So nobody knows anything about stereos here?
hey roupin, as for the amp wire kit...i just use about anything. from monster cable to phoenix to stinger. so whatever fits within ur budget. just be sure to get the appropriate gauges for the power you plan on running. I wish i had more info on the hi-lo convertor. If i knew more about that, my car would definately be sounding alot better. Im also not sure if just tapping the speaker wires would work? wish german electronics were a bit more simplistic. If it was, it might just perform better?
Gotcha. I'll dig up some info and will let you know what I find as well.
Hey the system is easy grab a clean sweep and what ever else you need I added the clean sweep 2 jl audio 13.5 w6 and all jl mids and highs and the amps I used a 1000/1 and the 300/4 sounds great bangs for days ill post up some pics later ;)
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