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New sherrif in town...Jrocket is taking over!

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Ok listen up folks.Ling is at some car club ricer meeting( :rofl: )..So theres a new boss in here.ME!!!!!!

Everything is free and mods are all banned.Feel free to make jokes about Ling and his dirty C-class!

Post whoring at full steem....until Ling gets back.
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Im getting to like this drinking and posting shiat!
Hahahah I'm back so you're relieved of your duties. :)
Oh shiat

Boss is back...gotta go. :D
Hahaha, looks like N00blet to me still. :haaaay:
Man n00blet sounds so gay. When does that shit roll over to something else?
Roupin said:
Man n00blet sounds so gay. When does that shit roll over to something else?
Exactly the point. :haaaay:

I think I set it at 200 - not sure what to name the next titles. Any suggestions?
Think of something FAST cause I need a change soon!
The next one is generic - SITE CONTRIBUTOR.

You probably saw it earlier today.
If everyone had their own - we wouldn't have anymore server space. The list would be HUGE.
Roupin saw his impending title until I chopped him down 30 or so posts. hahahaha :rofl:
Ya I logged in and was like WHOA.

Time to catch up. I'm trying to spread my posts out though so I don't flood one section LOL
No more drinking and posting for me.
Cause I have a headache and something got spilt onto my keyboard?
Sounds like the side effect AND aftermath of Viagra ;)
Not really,but now that you mention it my wrist is kinda sore?
1 - 20 of 33 Posts
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