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new to the site!

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thanks jangy for thr invite! this place looks very cool, im normaly a post whore with nuttin to do all day execpt browse the net so sorry if im postin on every subject. ill try to control myself. :eek:hnoes:
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Feel free to roam about as you please. Everyone's kicked back.

Drop by the Postwhore thread in the Off-Topic section too :thumbup:
Welcome and wh0re away. :D
Competition never hurt anyone. Except the server :rofl:
Roupin said:
Competition never hurt anyone. Except the server :rofl:
Hahahaa... Server can take it. Wh0re away. :D
Welcome to the forums!

Bunch of cool people here
never mind about the post whore comment just a few minutes on the board and i can see whos the real pro post whore. roupin you are king!
welcome aboard. all the cool kids are doing it. give in to peer pressure. :D
Hey, that's how I ended up with my first whore, too.
Roupin said:
Dayum, is it that obvious? :rofl:
yes, it is :wack:

welcome Rocket
Welcome Rocket :D
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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