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Pick Your Best Day For AIM Chat!

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Pick Your Best Day For AIM Chat-VOTE NOW-Poll Ends TODAY!

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As you can see at the top of the page, Ling added the AIM-Chatroom to the forum (Thanks Ling!). Take your pick and vote which day will be the most convenient, and let's make that the official Chat day of the board.

There won't be a specific time, because of varying schedules and time zones, so let's leave the time open. There will obviously be more people online between the late-afternoon to evening. Weekends are usually a bad idea as well, but I included them only as a formality.

This poll will only be up for one week.

Pick and vote!
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I say we have a guest or something pop in for each session. Either that, or a topic that we plan to discuss. Other than that, I whore enough and there is enough traffic here not to need another slot, no?
Guess session would be cool!

I voted Thursday because Wednesday is usually Fusion night.
I voted Thursday just to back Ling up!!!

Hmmm, guests? What if I can get an AMG member on?
Anyone of interest would do. I'm sure some members here and on the other board would have questions regarding certain things. Having someone to answer them wouldn't be half bad. :)
LOL, maybe RennTech, then. Is harmut interested? I'd love a session with anyone from RennTech.
Hahahahah. That could get interesting. Have Jeff talk Ken into getting Harmut on for one session. :rofl:
Hey I'll be "nice" and theycan always leave if it is unfair. I just want to talk and it not be he said she said.
SDSilverM3 said:
Hahahahah. That could get interesting. Have Jeff talk Ken into getting Harmut on for one session. :rofl:
Yah, lets me talk to Ken to bring Harmut online. :drive:
If it gets this big and open for chat, should we use another program besides AIM? Maybe it should be a member chat thing only?
Yes that has been discussed. I have something in mind but I was told to hold off until we can see how it goes.
2 days left to this poll....VOTE NOW!
Bump to the top.

Poll ends tomorrow.
any day works for me...I don't work.
How about a time? After 10 would be perfect!
I was thinking 8ish so it is a reasonable time for them East coast people.
Cool. Keep chatting until after 10 then. hehe
1 - 20 of 34 Posts
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