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Pics Of Our Big Blue '59 Monster (56k...take a nap)

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Figured I'd create some activity here....

This is our 59 Buick Electra 225. In 1959, this car was available in three different lengths and two different roof styles. This car is the longest one (measuring 225 inches long), and had the flat-roof (as opposed to the sloping roof style).

The car gets TONS of attention when rolling down the street, and every drive involves a few comments and conversations regarding the car. It also got the cover shot of my '59 Buick board's 2007 calendar.

It took me about 3 years to find this one in this condition, but it was well worth it. My dad owned the same exact car some 40 years ago, so this was a sentimental addition to our collection. It was also cool digging up the pictures of the one he had back then, and comparing the cars.

The car is all-original, with 33,400 miles on the clock right now. We are the second owners. As you guys will see, we are suckers for low-mile American iron. Anyway, enough are the pics.

From a carshow last year...

Paired up with the convertible of the exact same car...

Random shots...

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Damn, even big pipe broadband users had to take a nap. :rofl:

Damn that thing is nice. I'd even stare and I don't know shit about it. :)
It's funny how most people ask if the engine's been changed. They just can't believe that the car is 99% original.

It has a lumpy idle cam from the factory (Buick always tried to have the faster full-sizers on the market), so it sounds cammed at idle. I slowed the idle a wee bit too just to emphasize the burble :D
that right there is a boat and a half....beautiful color choice

What a museum piece! very nice.
Wow...that is pimp!!!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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