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Post Your Myspace!

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Since I just started on's mine...

***Edit by Shake*** Thread was cleaned up so it's easier to add people. :)

myMBonline myspace:

myMBonline group:
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You have to let me know yer from mymbonline...otherwise I won't add ya... :D have a good day
roupin...with a myspace???? wtf? You said you were the Anit-myspace a few months ago...

mine is

I'm gonna add you ALL! :lol:
HGmotorsports said:

and my personal one is
My last name is Keller if you want to add me ^^^

Dut signs on, he just wants to deny that he is checkin out the youngins. I dont bother anymore since all you get now is a bunch of people trying to make it as artists or a bunch of bots trying to get you to go to a porn site.
Just for Dut..........
Here's the main mymbonline account. Add yourselves if I haven't tried adding you already.

Default picture is me with the new 204 DTM car when it was at MBZ of Beverly Hills. Plenty more pictures where that came from too. I'll start a new thread.... :thumbup:

add me!
1 - 20 of 117 Posts
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