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Question for Sprint PCS user

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For Sprint PCS service, receiving incoming text message is free? Someone mentioned to me that they only charge u when sending outgoing text.
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I have sprint and I'm prett sure they charge by the text, regardless of in or out. I'm not positive, since i rarely texta nd so i never hit my limit. Also, I guess it could be plan specific. I'm still on the "pioneer" plan, since I have been with them from the get go.
I get charged for both incoming and outgoing text from Sprint.

The only free thing I get is free mobile to mobile and free calls to my home line.
yep they charge both ways. and they recently raised the text msg fee to .15 cents each. I hate recieving text messages with sprint...
I hate the people that have free text, and always send a ton of messages. Id prefer they call, its cheaper!!
werd ^^^
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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