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I have replaced both fuel pumps on my E class that is throwing me for a loop after installing the new driver side suction pump/ filter assembly I am getting a pending P2540 when ever the driver side fuel filter suction pump is installed.

I have tried 2 different companies with 2 different aftermarket filters. The P2540 code is saying it is a low pressure / performance issue measurements are outside the norms. I would believe this if it gave me the same code with the original 90k mileage parts which pressures are lower than what is required and cause drivability issues

I created a chart below showing the different swaps anything that does not include the old original filter causes a DTC P2540..

Base on the low and high pressure measurements and driving the car the fuel filter needs replacement. When the new right and left side pump assemblies are installed there is a noticeable performance gain when you floor the car. I think this is due to the higher fuel rail pressure getting more fuel into the cylinders and when both original assemblies are installed on cold startup my scanner shows a few misfires I think that is due to low fuel pressure?

Has anyone had Experience with using aftermarket fuel filters? have a hard time believing that a new filter would cause these error codes

I have swapped every part and sensor except for the suction pump which uses different size o rings to seal to the filter making it impossible to swap

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