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Request for an E63

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This is Dieter-Heinz from HGmotorsports.

I have a request;
If I could please use someones E63 for a few hours one day. I need to take your steering wheel off and inspect the back of it and electrical connections for the airbag.

please email me or call if this could work....lunch @ Sammy's Wood Fire Pizza(max 2 people) is your gift for the trouble.

thank you.

[email protected]
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R has an E63. Can you elaborate on the intent or extent of the work? If all you are doing is taking off the steering wheel / airbag, then that is two bolts and should be no issue with him (i'd guess).

He'd best take me as the second!!
can you guys order alot of food and pack some in a doggie bag for me? Thanks!
Nein It is a large secret, all I need to do is take the E63 steering wheel/air bag and take a gander.....

Could you put me in contact with him, or do I just search for 'R'?

No doggie bags allowed.... :)
You guys ever talk to Roger or are you good to go?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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