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Seagate 500gig Mirra??

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Did I do ok buying a seagate Sync and share personal server? What can I do with this thing? I went to buy an external hard drive with ethernet to hook up to my router and got this instead? I love Frys!!
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Just saw this thread now.

No personal experience with the device but I see nothing but good reviews. Seagate drives are used on most enterprise systems so I don't think you would have many reliability issues.

The only complaints I saw was that remote access is a little slow due to encryption. Well that comes with the territory so the complaints are pretty much irrelevant.

I think you got a good buy. :thumbup:
Now if I could just figure out how to use this thing. I guess I should open the box, huh?
Yes, the manual too! :D
Damn, I thought it would be plug and play!!
It should be for the most part. Manual will reduce the number of "Oh SHits" along the way. :)
This thing is bullshit. all it does is backup data. i wanted a network drive I could access. Am i screwing some seting up, or is that all it does?
C. Web access
Your free account lets you access
the content on your Mirra from any computer
via the web. It also lets you securely share
specific folders with anyone you choose

How it's setup goes is beyond me. :dunno:
It does do that part and it is tit. I guess the sharing is part is nice. I wanted a drive to use while at home, too though. My computer (laptop) is almost out of room.
I went and bought a WD MyBook World Edition II instead. I'll be returning the Seagate. I haven't figured out how to:

1- Set it up for remote access
2- Add it into my workgroup, instead of under WORKGROUP
I know, I gotta learn someway.
Sorry bro, I'd walk you through but I haven't worked with one yet.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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