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SL Picture Thread

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Post em up..

I guess Ill start..

Here is my dads SL


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Sure is :thumbup:
you guys got some crazy ass rims on that atv outside, and on that impala, nice job :thumbup:
Pics of the Impala please? If it's a 94-96, I NEED to see that thing. Been in love with them for a while now, and I keep bugging a dude near my house to sell me his MINT Impy.
Yeah i think it's a 94, kinda dark purple or something. It looks slick.
I's called Dark Cherry Metallic (DCM).

My first mod would be converting it to stick (T56). It takes a few hours to pop it in :thumbup:
yeah that's probably it, you should drive by someday, its usually parked outside.
The Impala is a 95, and I will take some pics when I go there after work for ya :thumbup:
Cool, thanks. The 95's were a bit easier to mod because of OBD1, but the digital dash was kinda weird, especially with no tach gauge.

I never understood why people thought they were fast stock though. The run a high 14's at best, BUT are super easy to mod. My Buick is mechanically the same as the SS, so I spent many years in that crowd.


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I like the front bumper :clap: Very nice
SL on Volks


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That's a nice E350!!

Oh wait, your car is the other one :rofl:
New wheels + painted side markers / stealth bulbs

Took these friday night cause I knew my car was gonna get dirty as shit after racing around up to the rose bowl meet :rofl:

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1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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