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Software to use for camcorder files?

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What is the raw file format that camcorders use and how can I convert them to mpegs or whatever?
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No. Hook a brother up.
Let me get back to you in a bit Arjang. I have one more thing I need to do with the forum.
Arjang, plug your camcorder in using the Firewire or iLink cable.

There should be software included with the camera that you need to load. That software suite or Windows Movie Maker should pop up once it detects the camera and will ask you what to do next. You'll just have to transfer the whole thing onto the hard drive then edit from there. Just make sure you got enough space.
So, do I have to choose the compression at the start, or can I transfer all the data onto the computer and then compress it as I need it? There si apparently not a lot of software for the HD part of this, but I will have lots of just regular vids to share as well.
I have something called Avid Express Pro that does HD and Cyberlink Power Director Pro. Look them up and see if those pieces of software are something you would want to use. I've installed them maybe once but never used extensively.
Jangermeister, I think you can choose the format on the camera itself. You will save HD space that way when shooting vids too.

As for the stuff you've already shot, you can send those files to the computer and compress them there as needed.

RAW and TIFF formats take up lots of space. You would ideally want to shoot pics in JPEG and videos in MPEG, unless you are trying to mimic Ling's professional pictures.
Roupin or Arjang, does this include pics or just video footage?
Just video. The Photos come accross as JPEGs and they are stored on the chip. the videos are stored on the HD and I do not recognize their format.
You got time during lunch tomorrow? I can let you "borrow" both and see which one you want to use.
Get owners manual. Crack it open. Go to the index. Look for any topics under FORMAT or VIDEO FORMAT. :rofl: Just kidding around ;)

Seriously though, the camcorder should give you a choice of formats that it will record in. Can you find what choices are available to you? That may be your easiest method.
I wish I was local too. I could use a few programs myself as well :(
Yeah Ling, lets hook up.[/quote]
Let me get started on it right now so I don't forget.
Sweet, thanks for the help.
Alright, so I am using the sony software and converting the files from HD (m2ts) to mpeg2. When I try to play it, I get an error:

You are trying to play an MP3 file that contains compressed ID3 headers. The ID3 header is a portion of the file that stores the song's album information (for example, the song name, artist name, album name, and genre). This information is sometimes called a "tag."

To fix the problem, make a copy of the file and then use a non-Microsoft ID3 tag editing program to remove or reset the file's ID3 headers. After you remove the ID3 headers, Windows Media Player should be able to play the MP3 file.

Attempting to remove ID3 headers might damage the file and make it unplayable. Therefore, always make a copy of the file before you edit it.

What gives?
Export it to WMV or AVI instead to see if that helps.
The software only does MPEG2. I am on-line with Sony support now. There are a few firmware files that may be needed? Scary!!
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