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Speedbooster anyone?

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I just read up on it. Sounds cool. I want one. buy anybody?
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Makes da car like whoa fast yo.

Honestly, I don't know either :rofl:
you mean...sprintbooster?
Roupin said:
Makes da car like whoa fast yo.

Honestly, I don't know either :rofl:

LIKE WHOA :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
Sprintbooster: it is an inline thingy that attaches to the electronics at the gas pedal. It remaps the car to have a steeper curve. basically, when you mash the gas 10%, it replicates a 20% punch. It makes the car more responsive at the low throttle edge. When you mash it to 50%, the mapping is at 100%, so there is no more increase from there on. I do NOT recommend it on a 55K car as we have a touchy enough low end as it is.

If you floor the car anyway, then do not get it. if you want the car to be peppier at the low throttle input phases, get it.

It is cheap and install takes all of 10 minutes.
Basically, it's worthless for people who aren't scared of pressing the gas.
sprintbooster, werd, sorry, I went linksys on ya'all lol. It's interesting to me, I think i may get it...but later ...i got other mods to do first.
If you know someone with one, have them install it in your car. Takes all but 15 mins.
I guess it'd be cool if you dont like having to mash the pedal to get 100%

I've read a bit about it on mbworld, a lot of ppl really love it and say it makes the car feel faster.

It feels faster if you press the gas halfway and wish the car was faster. I can never understand why someone would want this crap.

Just press the freakin gas yourself!

Oh and one more NOT even categorize this as a mod, because it's not.
dont be a pussy...just mash the gas ;)
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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