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****Sponsor Terms/Guidelines****

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The forum title speaks for itself, only Sponsors have access to post in this forum.

By agreeing to be a Sponsor of, you agree and accept the following terms:

1. Please respect other Sponsors by refraining from deliberately bumping threads up to the top as a way to gain First Page/Top of Page exposure.

2. The Staff of reserves the right to take action regarding any type of violation; actions may include but are not limited to a permanent ban with no refund of sponsorship fees.

3. reserves the right to reject, omit, delete, or cancel any online advertising that it feels is not in the best interest of the forum and/or its members.

4. reserves any and all rights to cancel any sponsorship and sponsorship campaign at any time at the sole discretion of the Staff. Any remaining balance of the sponsorship term will be prorated and refunded to the sponsor in the event of such cancellation(s). However, as stated in Paragraph 2, may choose enact a permanent ban with no refund of sponsorship fees in the event of a blatant violation of any rules, laws, regulations, guidelines, or in the event that a sponsor cheats, steals, or violates any laws regarding to dealings with members. There will be no refunds in the event of a blatant rules violation. Please read the guidelines carefully! In the event that cancels a sponsorship, it will give the sponsor notice that its sponsorship will be cancelled.

5. The Sponsors shall indemnify and hold harmless for any and all losses, lawsuits, and actions, resulting from its sponsorship. In the event an action is raised against a Sponsor and is named as a defendant, the Sponsors shall fully indemnify, its owners and creators from any liability resulting from the sponsorship.

6. The Sponsors shall hold harmless and may not bring any action against, its owners and creators from any and all losses resulting from’s exercise of its RIGHT not to publish submissions from the Sponsor.

7. reserves the right to modify any advertisement where finds the content, copy, artwork or any other element to be, but not limited to, libelous, misleading, obscene, offensive or otherwise objectionable.

8. myMBonline does not endorse any of the products provided, sold, and/or otherwise distributed by its Sponsors; and will not be held liable for any accidents or injuries that may arise from any such products. myMBonline is not responsible for the legality of any parts sold or services performed by any of its sponsors. It is the duty of the buyer to verify legality with the proper authorities.

9. is not responsible if a Sponsor does not fulfill its obligations to a buyer; however, myMBonline will investigate any issues and take appropriate action with regards to a Sponsor's status IF the transaction took place on

10. Sponsors are also expected to abide by the same basic forum conduct rules all members are expected to abide by including the following:

  • Sponsors shall not offer products or services they cannot deliver. It hurts the reputation of the sponsor as well as that of the forum.
  • Do not jump on another sponsor’s thread claiming to have a better price to undercut them (aka price bashing). If there is a problem with pricing, please PM the posting sponsor letting them know of the issue. This will be strictly enforced and there will be zero-tolerance for this type of behavior. Sponsorship privileges of the offending party will be revoked with no refund of fees. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • To avoid any type of potential conflicts with other sponsors, refrain from posting in another sponsor’s thread offering of products or services unless the sponsor who originally created the thread gives permission to do so.
  • The threads created by sponsors are for their potential customers and should not be treated as a “prove your product works” type of discussion by competing sponsors. Please discuss “theory” topics in the technical forums. reserves the right to update and modify the sponsorship terms at any time for whatever reason at the sole discretion of the Staff.
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Updates have been made. All Sponsors need to read and fully understand prior to posting. If there are ANY questions please PM me.

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