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stnwag0n wtf did you want me to do on your car?

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list them out please:

instrument cluster bulb
trans fluid
what else?

probably start on it saturday, hopefully i can get everything done in a day.
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sr20det transplant and HKS GT2835 upgrade. :thumbup:
convert the car into an accord wagon. thanks <3
haha, and the cum stains on the seat i can't do anything about. oh...those are my cum stains! sorry man i saw a hot chick on the road and had to rub one out while driving on the freeway!
as long as its still moist when you return it, all will be forgiven
And the girl still in the car waiting for some more. :rofl:
replace stock radio, but i forgot to drop that off when i saw you
and turn the car into an accord wagon
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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