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T-SHIRT! ...... Possibly.

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*Contest* Follow us on Twitter! *Contest*
Here is your chance to be one of the first few to win a Spring 2010 Season I NAHToriginal t-shirt in your size(S-XL)! Follow us on Twitter (@NAHTajoke) and on Friday March 5th, 2010 we will tweet the rules of the contest.

Winners of the contest will be recorded and t-shirts will be shipped/picked up on the day the merchandise of our Spring 2010 Season I officially drops. Sign up for our emailing list too!

Twitter - NAHTajoke
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what is this?

It's a new clothing line coming out! Currently we only have samples printed but in march we are having everything printed and ready, just follow us on twitter and the rules of the contest will be released March 5th.
I think this ISHajoke!

Is this to be an actual clothing Line or just an advertisment. I think you should consider which one you want to do more with and which you want Less. If this is made as simply an advertising shirt for a Web site, than you got a good idea.

But if this is made to be sold and you think people will buy something they can't understand/relate to, it wont sell.

For example, if you have a HIT Video on Youtube, You can sell A LOT of t shirts (ex: Tom Slick shirts). But who will buy a Tom Slick shirt if that video never came about?

needs a reason to be bought!

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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