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Two E55's today at lunch...Irvine area

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1. Silver E55 with blacked out tails getting on the 5 south at the Spectrum. Your color made your car look super fast- I guess its true, silver is the faster color.

2. Black E55 in the dirt lot by the fruit stand off El Toro. That probably wasnt too smart since your car looked clean at the time. Hope the fruit was good :D

I hardly see E55's out here but spotting two in such a short time was nice. The silver one looked like it had aftermarket wheels but I couldnt be sure since it was way ahead and I was in someone else's car.
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Are they that rare down there? I see about 5 on average...every day :dunno:
AMG_55 said:
i saw at least 3-4 e55's today, and thats a low #. usually its 5-7 e55's. like 3-4 sl55's.

saw a fake sl55 with ghetto ass wheels, too bad he was going the other way, i wouldve loved to f*** w/ him in some way :dunno:
There's a fake SL500 rebadged as an SL55 right near my house. He parks on Ventura in front of a cigar shop. I've been waiting to see him on the road. Even though the stock SL is a faster car, I'll either get the jump on him or put up a good race anyway. Then I'll start laughing and taking pics :rofl:
Vadim, was it black, with black wheels (wrong offsets), black taillights and dark tint?
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