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Unknown Problem With The E350...Help Me Track It Down

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After leaving the muffler shop I decided to go cruise the beach instead of going home, and ended up trying to pick some races. After about 20 miles of driving hard, I noticed a slight squeal showing up. I figured it's probably another car around me and kept hauling ass. A few miles later I figured out it was coming from my car, and had gotten VERY loud real quickly. It sounded like a brake sensor, but that's odd at 1100 miles.

Thinking of the 1% chance it might be exhaust related, I pulled over and looked at it and saw nothing. Started the car and headed back to the exhaust shop, and it was back to normal. No sound, no noise. Exhaust shop found nothing wrong of course (obviously).

About 20 miles later while going home, it appeared again. Parked the car, started it and it's gone again. If it helps any, ESP was disabled both times, and I was running the car pretty hard.

WTF is going on? Any ideas? :dunno:
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It really sounds like a brake sensor squeal, but it doesn't change at all when pressing the brakes or not. It starts off mild, like a *chirp chirp chirp* and then gradually turns into an all out *weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee*

Hard to describe, but I hope I'm getting it across.
Update: It only does it with extended hard driving and ESP disabled. I've been driving it like hell but with ESP on (and still blinking all the time) and everything sounds fine.

I guess I'll leave it alone for now.
newton said:
You finally broke it man.

Just kidding.
I think I did. It's doing it again :dunno:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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