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Video for W211 E55?

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Where do you get those video monitors that mount on the rear of the center arm rest? So people in the back seat have some video to watch.
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To procure, install, or both?
both I guess.
The one on the armrest is an OEM accessory. You can also go aftermarket with ones that sit there or on the back of the headrests. How much were you planing on spending?
I just need a single monitor so my daughter can watch vids while dad drives like an ass.

I need to look for some pics I guess.
I've seen a flip-up accessory for the screen that goes behind the center console. See if Steve or someone can get you it. If you want the headrest setup then probably an aftermarket shop.

Aftermarket for Mercedes I'd have to say go with La Jolla Audio in SD.
The MB accessory one is the flip up on the center console. Steve can get them, but I do not know about price. I will be talking to him soon about setting up an alliance. I guess he got burned by Autowerks before, so he is slow with me.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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