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W202 Owner, C230Kompressor

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Hey guys!

Just wanted to drop a formal "who is this guy?" as I've added items into the Classified section. I was invited to the forums by a friend of mine from the community "Lensolo" which many of you guys already know, and I've been lurking the forums for a while.

My name is Chris and I'm currently living in Oceanside, but trying to move to the Kearny Mesa / P.B. / La Jolla area since I work down here :)

Hope to catch you guys at an upcoming meet!
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Welcome aboard Chris. :thumbup:
Welcome Chris. :wave:

Next upcoming meet is a field trip to Wheelpower on April 7th. Please check it out in the Events forum. :thumbup:
thanks for the welcome guys! i have to be honest here, i'm fan of white, so SDSilverM3's car is KILLIN' me. I'm looking to upgrade very soon, into either a white C36, C43, or C32 (can't afford the C55 heh).
A white W202 C-AMG is very hard to come by (I check every now and then). It looks damn nice though. :thumbup:
:wave: :drink:
Whassup PG?

and yes, a white W202 AMG is R A R E.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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