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W203 Pre-Facelift Console sedan trim pieces in wood

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So, I ordered the radio trim piece a couple of weeks ago from Potomac German a couple of weeks ago on ebay. I'm going to replace the dumb-looking switch row in my car (with its whopping 3 buttons and otherwise blank switches) to a switch row with everything filled except one button (I think it's the distronic button that's missing, which I believe isn't available in NA). I removed the switches last night, and just looks like a simple plug and play.

Anyway, they messed up the order, and to compensate me, they decided to bombard me with fake wood. So I've got three of the main console (goes around the radio and switch row), and two of the bottom piece (that goes around the shifter hole, before the armrest), if anyone wants them.

And if this works out fine, I'll have another full switch row available soon, if anyone wants that.
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Guys on MBWorld must be much cheaper than the people here; the trim pieces were snapped up in 30 minutes over there. :hmm:
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