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I thought I'd start a thread listing any warranty service completed for our C55s or C32s. Please post any details you would like to share.

Below is the list of issues I had resolved and covered under warranty:
1. Small transmission oil leak. (This seems to be a common problem experienced by C55 owners)
2. Engine hood pad tear along right side. Replaced with new engine pad that included a heat shield above the oil dip stick.
3. Teleaid malfunction "Drive to Workshop" error. Replaced antennae
4. Updated Comand navigation software. New software is suppose to optimize the nav functionality.
5. Center armrest was starting to peel. My service advisor said he would replace it if it got worse, but I used Armor all wipes and it seemed to fix the peeling problem.

No other issues. The AMG drives great and I'm very happy :thumbup:

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Here's my list:

1) SRS airbag light. Airbag connectors had to be replaced
2) Bushings had to be lubricated. They were making a clunking noise
3) Driver side AC took 10 mins to get cold. AC Switch module was replaced
4) Rattle in rear deck when subwoofer hit. Fixed by replacing rear mounts but the rattle has returned
5) Command software was updated recently. No problems but part of the campaign.

Other than that the car has been rock solid like Wiz said it would be. I love how people with C32's like to argue C32 vs C55 reliability when there is no comparison. :wack:
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