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website making software?

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What software do you all recommend for making and maintaining websites? :help:
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jangy said:
What software do you all recommend for making and maintaining websites? :help:
If you have money (seems like you do, haha) just hire someone. I can recommend you to someone. :thumbup:
I may do that. The problem will be that they may or may not get what I'm after to start with. I'll probably want the hook, anyway. I suck at computers. My buddy runs the UCSD website. he would do it. I should ask him and see.
For a decent website I would hire someone to do it.

One of the best piece of software to use for development is Dreamweaver but it's not as user friendly as Frontpage or something along the lines of that. It is much more powerful but the learning curve is also steep.

It took me 10+ days straight of modifying someone else's code to get the forum to its current state. It would take much longer to do it from scratch. If you really insist on doing it yourself you should buy yourself a web template and modify it to your liking.
Nah, I'll let a pro do it. where can i buy a template at? How do they stay originall, if they use templates? How much is a template?
If you let a pro do it just let them present to you some options. You can also google up some "free web templates".

Most templates are under $100 BUT they are not exclusive to you. To obtain exclusive rights I believe it's a few hundred to couple K.
So, basically a web designer can do it. i would look at other projects they have done and kind of try to communicate my intents to them?
I'd pay a couple hundred to get it up and running. Image is everything, and my site will be the face to the business, so i want it right.
That's correct. Have them show you past clients' sites so you get an idea of what you want to do and most importantly the quality of their work.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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