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WMCCFS for these:

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So, if you guys see any for sale. Let a brotha know! :thumbup:
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I love those wheels. You saying you will do carbon work for those? Hell, I'll hire you and pay in wheels.
dood. i'm down. told you.
HAHA!! Now I gotta source some new rims. I think i finally have a good source. The shop is in LA and they have all the AMG rims in stock.
They don't have to be new! haha.. They're a buttload of $ brand new. That means a buttload of work for me! YIKES. These ones from ebay $1000 and the like is more my work load.
Screw that, i wanna lock you down for a bit so you don't get distracted with any side projects. LOL!!
HEY! hahahha... Job security?! :dunno: :hmm
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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