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W'sup fellaz!

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Ryda checkin in! Glad I got the invite....thanks JAY55! Much more laid back here than on MBW. Sick ass layout too!
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wat it is rydah!

dey tryin to catch ya rydin dirtay
Waddup Ryda
Welcome to the board Rydar. :thumbup:
Wuddup!! :wave:
wassup ryda!!!
Ryda, when u gonna come out and cruise w/us sd boyz?
it's about dayam time...

welcome bud...
Ryda, why dont you come hang w/us on Wednesday at Fusion?

Ryda's in the hizouse!

Welcome, brah!
Sup guys! Thanks for all the warm welcome!

Yeah, I definitely gotta hit up one the Fusion meets after this semester is over. (taking a night class on Weds). They serve alcohol right?

Think I found my new home here....Cabaret room! Free porn! :D
welcome :wave:
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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